Thornton, Ventura reflect on tough loss

Thornton, Ventura reflect on tough loss

DETROIT -- Until about 3 a.m. Saturday morning, Matt Thornton analyzed what happened during his blown save caused by Jhonny Peralta's walk-off homer in a 5-4 loss to the Tigers on Friday night. What Thornton came up with is that he threw 13 pitches where he wanted and basically made one mistake.

"I really did," Thornton said. "I went back over it in my mind, and every pitch that I threw was exactly what I wanted. I was trying to go into Peralta there. I thought it was just up and I didn't realize it was that much up out over the plate.

"[Peralta] said that he was looking for a fastball away. So, I was making the right choice with the pitch selection, but I didn't execute one pitch. I was really hot last night, but it's one of those things where you come in ready to go and prepare yourself and hope you get another chance today."

Manager Robin Ventura held the same bounce-back attitude as Thornton, but also agreed that those tough losses stick a little longer.

"You don't think about games you win as much," Ventura said. "But you lose, you look at it differently because one move here or there ... a lot more decisions go into managing rather than playing.

"Not that it's going to change any results. But you owe it to yourself and everyone to think through it and make sure you're thinking properly."