Ventura: Player/manager role 'too much work'

Ventura: Player/manager role 'too much work'

CHICAGO -- Before Robin Ventura was officially hired as White Sox manager, general manager Ken Williams spoke of considering Paul Konerko as the rare player/manager candidate.

While Konerko certainly possesses the baseball acumen to handle the job, a smiling Ventura said Wednesday that Konerko couldn't do the job now while still playing regularly and at a high level for the White Sox.

"I know he couldn't do it. He could be a manager down the road, but he couldn't play and do that," Ventura said. "There's just too much work to do."

Ventura said that he couldn't have played and managed either and was surprised by the people who did both at the same time successfully.

"It's a little different now," Ventura said. "It'd be hard for someone to do it now."