Lillibridge in elite but odd company

Lillibridge in elite but odd company

CHICAGO -- Entering Tuesday's series opener with the Indians, Brent Lillibridge was one of two players in Major League Baseball to have more steals than hits. Lillibridge has six stolen bases and four hits, while Baltimore's Nick Johnson was hitless with one stolen base.

The White Sox utility player, who had just 21 at-bats over 17 games played, doesn't believe his team-best 6-of-6 on stolen bases will continue without drawing attention from opposing teams.

"They haven't pitched out at all on me," Lillibridge said. "At one point, it's going to start coming so I just have to be smarter. For the most part, I'm getting good chances to run knowing it's going to be a certain pitch. I just have to keep working on it, help whenever I can and wait for an opportunity to secure a role."

Lillibridge had a breakout year in 2011 as the top White Sox defensive outfielder and with 13 homers and 10 stolen bases. He admitted to feeling a little uncomfortable at the plate over a couple of games but has figured out a little something with his swing to give him a stronger feel.

"I want to be here for a long time," Lillibridge said. "I know I'm worth something, and I feel like I have a great opportunity to help this team one way or another."