Flowers cuts down time -- and basestealers

Flowers cuts down time -- and basestealers

OAKLAND -- Tyler Flowers admitted Wednesday that his streak of throwing out five straight would-be basestealers would have ended in the eighth inning of Tuesday's 2-0 loss to the Athletics, if not for Josh Reddick's first-pitch fly ball to center.

"[Eric] Sogard took off on the first pitch," said a smiling Flowers. "He had a pretty good jump."

Flowers feels good behind the plate, and by the stopwatch, the White Sox reserve catcher is a little bit quicker to second base. He gives credit to the pitchers for giving him and A.J. Pierzynski a chance to make the solid, accurate throws, producing a 7-for-9 success rate. But Flowers also points to bench coach Mark Parent for his expert assistance.

The two have worked on a couple of little things to make the transfer a bit quicker. Without getting too detailed, those little things almost eliminate a step in the process.

"That's where I'm getting that hair-quicker, according to the stopwatch," Flowers said. "We are talking a couple hundredths of a second. It's still kind of big. It's just about being quicker. I'm sure I'm not throwing the ball any harder.

"Pitchers are giving us a chance. And like I said before, if we get a chance, we are going to throw out a lot of guys."