Lillibridge enjoys returning to Seattle

Lillibridge enjoys returning to Seattle

SEATTLE -- The White Sox might be on a six-game road swing, but utility player Brent Lillibridge feels right at home.

That of course, may have something to do with sleeping in his own bed and seeing friends and family, but that's the perk for the Seattle-area native when the White Sox visit the Mariners.

"I've got family and friends [here], the randoms and people I haven't seen since high school will yell at me after being in the beer garden or something, but it's just part of it, it's fun," Lillibridge said. "I love my parents seeing me play, and the brothers and also just having my wife here and my little baby, so everyone can see them."

Lillibridge, who starred at the University of Washington from 2003-05, wasn't able to give an estimate of how many family and friends would be at the games this weekend, but said he always welcomes seeing familiar faces.

Because most of his time is taken up by baseball, Lillibridge won't be able to visit many of his old haunts while in Seattle, but every day he'll arrive for work at one of the places that was part of his childhood.

"I have more memories with the Kingdome than Safeco, but the Seattle Mariners are part of my family's fandom," he said. "I grew up on the '95 team and the 2001 team. Those teams were so fun to watch and you have so many memories of what you were doing when this [or that] happened."