Despite stellar defense, Alexei bugged by error

Despite stellar defense, Alexei bugged by error

CHICAGO -- Alexei Ramirez made three plays at shortstop during Wednesday's 8-1 victory over the Orioles worthy of Gold Glove consideration. He also committed an eighth-inning error on a routine Nolan Reimold grounder that stuck with him as much as the spectacular efforts.

"It really bugs me because that's like an easy play," said Ramirez through translator and White Sox director of cultural development Jackson Miranda. "Those are always the ones where you have the error because it's so easy and so routine that that's when something like that would happen.

"That's not lack of concentration. It's something that is such an easy play that I just relaxed a little bit, and by relaxing a little bit, that's what ends up happening."

Ramirez was asked Thursday whether he would rather win his first Gold Glove or second Silver Slugger based on the 2012 season. He smiled and said that he would love to win both.

"I feel I'm going to have a good year," Ramirez said.