Morel has support among coaches

Morel has support among coaches

CHICAGO -- White Sox manager Robin Ventura endured an 0-for-41 drought during the 1990 season, his first full campaign in the Majors. Hitting coach Jeff Manto remembers a 4-for-42 stretch when he was a player.

So, third baseman Brent Morel has some first-hand slump experience supporting him in his 4-for-39 start with 18 strikeouts to the 2012 season.

"For me, it got to a point where I didn't care," said Ventura of handling his slump. "You don't care about what happens on the other side, just what you're doing at that moment. Once I stopped caring about the results and more the process, what's important, why you're at the plate, the better it got."

"What happens is that at some point, you gotta step back," Manto said. "That was a big thing for me. I accepted it and stepped back and then I started over again. Until that point, it was like all right, now I see the big picture."

This prolonged slump for Morel, who had the day off Thursday, has clearly gotten into the head of the second-year player a bit. Manto isn't worried about the numbers, at least until 250 or 300 at-bats, as long as Morel has a strong plan for each at-bat.

"He's swinging at good pitches, he gets to two strikes and he's battling," said Manto of Morel. "As long as he doesn't give in on himself, which he's not, it's going to play. I don't think there's one thing that's alarming or standing out right now. Just continuing to concentrate and believe in himself."