Santiago knows importance of short memory

Santiago knows importance of short memory

CHICAGO -- Although Hector Santiago didn't hear directly from Mariano Rivera, arguably Major League Baseball's greatest closer, some words of wisdom from the closer shared by a friend from back home helped him quickly get through Monday's blown save.

"He had an interview from Mariano," Santiago said. "And Mariano was saying the best thing with him is it doesn't matter what the situation: you blow the save and you have to forget about it the next day.

"If he says it, it's definitely something you should listen to and go with. He was blowing Game 7 [of the 2001 World Series] and coming out the next year and doing it all over again like no problem."

Santiago was ready to get back out again in the ninth, knowing his appearance means the White Sox are probably winning and would help both get over Monday's tough setback.

"I feel confident," Santiago said. "I feel I can get it done."