Early tilts not a true barometer against Tigers

Early tilts not a true barometer against Tigers

CHICAGO -- Gordon Beckham presented a one-word answer when asked Friday if the American League Central favorite Tigers were a good early test of the White Sox mettle.

"No. It's five games in," said Beckham, prior to his team's 5-2 victory over the Tigers. "They are playing pretty well and so far so are we. At Game 82, ask me that question. I think that's about where you got to figure it out."

White Sox captain Paul Konerko doesn't view Detroit in a different light in comparison to last year's division champion. But appreciates how the Tigers developed over the course of 2011.

"Last year's team really came together at the end of the year and took it to another level as far as the level they were at and what they did in the playoffs," Konerko said. "A little break here and there and they would have been in the World Series and who knows where that would have gone.

"They added a couple guys coming into the year but no doubt before that, they put themselves in a different category at the end of last year. The whole year they were kind of just doing OK and then the last couple months they really turned it up a notch and you tip your hat at that and respect that for sure. There's no doubt the division goes through them."