Alexei addresses Ozzie's comments on Castro

Alexei addresses Ozzie's comments on Castro

CLEVELAND -- Alexei Ramirez is a Cuban native, but with his wife, Mildred, being a native of the Dominican Republic, he did not defect when coming to the United States to play baseball.

The White Sox shortstop rarely if ever talks about Cuban politics or dictator Fidel Castro. But he did take time on Monday to briefly address former manager Ozzie Guillen's comments referring to the despot as someone he loved and respected in an upcoming Time Magazine article.

"His opinion is not the same opinion I have," said Ramirez through translator and White Sox director of cultural development Jackson Miranda on the Guillen issue. "Everybody is free to have an opinion.

"It's one of those that there are some people who like Castro and some people who don't. In Miami, it's definitely of a different thought frame."

Although Ramirez had not heard or read Guillen's comments, he felt a public apology that Guillen is set to deliver on Tuesday could go some way in putting the matter behind him.

"Apologizing is definitely a big first step," Ramirez said. "Again, I feel that everyone has their opinion, but I also feel that people should be forgiven. So, if he's going to apologize, then I feel that hopefully it will be accepted. I would just say whatever his thoughts, whatever his comments, those are Ozzie's comments. That's more on him."