Team wins remain starters' No. 1 goal

Team wins remain starters' No. 1 goal

ARLINGTON -- John Danks and Jake Peavy both came away with quality starts in their trips to the mound to begin the 2012 season against the Rangers but finished with a loss and a no-decision, respectively. Individual victories often serve as the judgment of success for rotation members, but it's the team chance for victory driving the White Sox hurlers.

"In the grand scheme, it's how well we play in my games," Danks said. "The overall team win/loss is the most important. Individual wins, there is so much that goes into those. I personally don't think you can judge someone's year based solely on wins and losses.

"They are a sexy stat, no doubt. But you can back into a few wins and you can throw well and not get wins."

Peavy struggled over his first three innings, before settling down over the next three frames and giving the White Sox a chance to win on Alex Rios' ninth-inning homer Saturday. Danks was solid for six innings on Friday, but in his case, the White Sox lacked the clutch hitting to get him off the hook.

"I'm pleased for the first start doing what I did," Danks said. "I wish I could have gone deeper, but I gave the team a chance to win.

"I would like the pitch to [Ian] Kinsler that he hit a home run on back. I would like a better effort whenever we tied the game up and went right back out there and gave it right back. That one stung a little bit."