Beckham not straying from approach

Beckham not straying from approach

ARLINGTON -- Although he struck out three times in Friday's 3-2 season-opening loss to the Rangers, finishing 1-for-4, Gordon Beckham certainly doesn't want to overanalyze the season opener.

"Everybody wants to make the first game a big deal. I'm going to do the opposite and make it less of a deal," Beckham said. "Last year, I went 3-for-4 on the first day.

"It's all relative. [After] a couple of months, you look up and we'll see where we are at. It's time to go out there and do our thing. You can't worry about the ups and downs of the day before. Even if you do good, you can't worry. You roll on that but can't worry about it either way."

Adam Dunn, who tied a Major League record with his eighth career Opening Day home run, said that he was most pleased by sticking with his approach that he followed throughout Spring Training. Beckham felt the same consistency within his at-bats.

"I felt like I was disciplined yesterday," Beckham said. "You know, I scraped out a knock. It wasn't a great day for knocks. Unfortunately, that didn't play yesterday. But if I stay with that, I think it will."