Manto reinforcing hitters' game plan

Manto reinforcing hitters' game plan

Manto reinforcing hitters' game plan
ARLINGTON -- If the 2-for-11 showing with runners in scoring position through their 1-1 start sounds somewhat familiar, it's probably because the 2011 White Sox finished with a .239 average in those same situations and dipped to .218 with the bases loaded.

Of course, the look of the offense has changed from last year, with young players maturing and struggling hitters in search of bounce-back seasons. And Friday's 0-for-7 failure represents one game in the scheme of 162.

White Sox hitting coach Jeff Manto still believes things can be done by his charges to be more successful with chances to score runs.

"It's making sure you have the ability to change your plan," Manto said. "Some guys pitch different with a man on third base, where they might throw a lot more sinkers. They won't want a pitch thrown that can be hit in the air.

"Once it snowballs, it sometimes gets out of hand but right now, it's just in one game and it's not alarming. Yet, the concentration level should go up, and change your plan a little bit and look for one pitch specifically."

Manto believes the White Sox offense will be versatile and flexible, with a balance of "bangers," "pure hitters" and "young guys trying to establish themselves." He also feels that this group possesses the ability to be solid situational hitters, doing the little things that also will help with runners in scoring position, and not solely relying on the long ball.

"Oh, without question," Manto said. "These guys, their resume speaks for themselves. So, it's not me trying to add any kind of things to them. It's just reminding them.

"The only thing I'm looking for is if they prepare every day, they follow the plan which we talk about individually and collectively and bring it to the table every night. It's easier said than done. But if they have a plan every night and try to have quality at-bats, I'll be fine with that."