Crede reiterates desire to stay with Sox

Crede reiterates desire to stay

ANAHEIM -- Joe Crede wants to stay in Chicago.

He has made that point abundantly clear since his early arrival in Arizona for Spring Training and took a few moments to make that same point once again prior to Tuesday night's game against the Angels.

But Crede's desire to stay with the only team he has ever known will not alter his approach to potential in-season negotiations. Espousing a theory spoken of in the past by the White Sox, Crede is more than willing to listen to offers from the team during the season, but those offers won't be coming from Crede or his agent, Scott Boras.

"We aren't the ones with the money, so I don't feel we need to make the offer," Crede said. "It's a situation were if they want to pay us, they will make the offer. We aren't going to go out and ask for money. That's not how I want to approach it."

"I don't approach teams about player contracts," added Boras, speaking from his suite at Angel Stadium a few hours before Tuesday's first pitch. "They are the employers. I let them know that Joe is happy with Chicago."

Boras added that he certainly knows what Crede would be worth on the open market, but he doesn't make such information public. Crede, who carried a .266 average with seven home runs and 25 RBIs into his matchup with Jered Weaver, has a salary of $5.1 million for 2008, before entering into free agency.

Although Crede met with Boras during the trip to Anaheim, his focus remains on baseball, much like the South Siders' potential free-agent trio of Mark Buehrle, Jermaine Dye and Tadahito Iguchi in 2007. Unless the White Sox approach Crede with an offer in the next few months, a scenario that doesn't look as if it will play out, those negotiations with Crede won't take place until after baseball is complete.

"Like I said before, our door is always open. Any time they want to discuss anything, we are always open for discussion," Crede said. White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf and general manager Kenny Williams "both know how much I love the city of Chicago, how much I love the fans and how much I love being here.

"It's hard to close the door on something that not only will change your life but your kids' lives and their kids' lives. It's just too big of a thing to not negotiate."

If those talks never come about during the season, Crede said he understands the team's position and there would be no hard feelings. He also said the team would still be part of the process after the season, with one interesting caveat.

"I'll definitely listen to everybody," Crede said. "It's just at the end of the season, you listen to everybody, as opposed to during the season, you can only listen to one team.

"So, it is what it is. If they want to do something, I feel they will come and offer something to me."

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