White Sox upbeat after Konerko's comments

White Sox upbeat after Konerko's comments

GLENADLE, Ariz. -- Gordon Beckham completely understood Paul Konerko's points in regard to the White Sox having a successful year in 2012 even without reaching the playoffs, based on young players' development and doing things the right way.

But after looking for the right words in assessing Konerko's comments, Beckham came up with his own winning take on the matter.

"I want to make the playoffs," Beckham said. "That's not saying it's going to be an easy thing, but I haven't played in the playoffs. I want to be there. I want to be one of the guys who help us get there."

Manager Robin Ventura knew that Konerko was addressing expectations from the outside, in that the team has young components and is not expected to do much. But the White Sox obviously are looking for more than what was expressed by Konerko, who clearly pointed out that he's conceding nothing in regard to winning the American League Central.

"He's looking at it matter-of-factly," Ventura said. "But he wants more than that, too. Sometimes there's nothing you can do about it. He wants to win, too. I get what he's saying."