Ventura weighs in on 2012 team slogan

Ventura weighs in on 2012 team slogan

CHICAGO -- The White Sox have gone from "All in" as a marketing campaign in 2011 to "Appreciate the game" entering into the 2012 season.

White Sox manager Robin Ventura laughed when asked about his marketing and advertising background on Thursday, saying he has nothing to do with picking the slogan.

He did give his take on what this appreciation theme means, though.

"Having heard it for the first time, in my mind, the way I look at it is, appreciate nuances of baseball and how it's played," Ventura said. "We are more of a team.

"By not signing any free agents and the hoopla that goes with that, I appreciate a group that works together as a team and all that goes into that. I'm just telling you what I think and looking at our team, I like that. I'm not for the most part an 'In your face, look at me' sort of person."