Morel flexing his September muscles

Morel flexing his September muscles

Morel flexing his September muscles
CLEVELAND -- Comparisons were drawn between Brent Morel, the current White Sox third baseman, and Joe Crede, arguably the White Sox most valuable player during the entire 2005 World Series title run, before Morel even played his first big league game.

Morel is a slick fielder with the potential to hit for an average in the .280s or .290s, much like the organization staple that was Crede, but Morel didn't seem to have the power possessed by the Silver Slugger winner at third for the White Sox.

That power was lacking until the final month of this 2011 season, when Morel has launched seven of his nine long balls. That long-distance dialing by Morel has surprised manager Ozzie Guillen, but not enough to put him in the same power category with Crede, who finished with 140 career home runs.

"I cannot predict that right now because I was wrong," Guillen said. "I thought this kid was not going to hit for power at all. I thought he was going to [have] two home runs when the season was over. But is he going to have power like Crede? I doubt it.

"Crede was a monster. He had natural power. This kid, he might have a chance to be a better hitter. But I don't think he's going to be a power hitter."

Guillen reiterated Thursday his satisfaction in the offensive development shown by Morel, who won the 2011 starting job based on his defense first.

"This kid came along very well," Guillen said. "I think he's going to be a better hitter [than Crede], just because he can use everything on the field. Crede was more of a pull hitter. But I hope he [hits] in the clutch like Crede was.

"But more power? He's got to lift a lot of weights because Crede [had] stupid power. Right now, it's too early for me to say this kid has to be like [Crede and Robin Ventura]. But he will make the plays. I think he's going to be a better player because he runs better than both."