Ozzie doesn't want to enter 2012 in limbo

Ozzie doesn't want to enter 2012 in limbo

Ozzie doesn't want to enter 2012 in limbo
CHICAGO -- Two days after the 2011 White Sox season ends, whether that finish comes on Sept. 28 at home against Toronto or miraculously extends into the postseason, Ozzie Guillen and his wife, Ibis, will be on their way for an extended vacation in Spain.

Before he departs, Guillen would like to know his standing with the White Sox organization. The White Sox picked up Guillen's 2012 option before the current season began, but Guillen spoke two weeks ago that he feels an extension has been earned and that he prefers not to work on a one-year deal.

But when asked Sunday if he knew of any time period for this matter to be addressed, Guillen admitted the organization might not know what direction it wants to go at this point.

"I'll say what I said two weeks ago, and they know what I want. It's up to them what they are going to do," Guillen said. "I don't think they even know what they want to do with the ballclub, what way they are going to go.

"It's a long process about what's going on, what we should do. When you have a disappointing year like this one was, or is, it's a lot of things in the air. Good coaching, good managing, good players, but a bad season."

Guillen has left little doubt that his ultimate goal is to stay with the White Sox and help them win a second World Series title in his tenure.

"You have to sit down and start thinking about what's the best for this organization and what's the best for us, and then they have to make the decision," Guillen said. "But right now, they should be in the middle of what kind of ballclub they are going to have."