Ozzie firmly behind his coaching staff

Ozzie firmly behind his coaching staff

Ozzie firmly behind his coaching staff
DETROIT -- When asked for seemingly the fifth straight pregame media session about his desire to stay in Chicago, Ozzie Guillen came up with one of his most definitive answers to date.

"Two-thousand percent," said Guillen, when asked to rate the strength of his conviction to return. "That's the talk about dinner, lunch, sleep everything. This is the talk with my family. And we never change one bit. All my time, my desire, everything has been Chicago.

"See this White Sox logo. I'm part of that. I wish I could be in the Hall of Fame one time, so I could wear this freaking uniform. That's how much I love this organization."

Guillen also was asked how we would handle a situation where White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf gave him a desired contract extension, but also asked for changes to be made on his coaching staff moving into 2012. All of Guillen's coaches are operating in the last year of respective deals.

That question caused Guillen to pause for a moment. And it apparently would cause the White Sox manager to have a conversation with the man in charge.

"I'd say, 'Wow, we got to talk about it, because I feel comfortable with our coaching staff,'" Guillen said. "Coaches don't win games. They help players, but they don't win games. I've got the greatest coaches for me. I've got very good coaches."

Although Guillen laid the blame for this underachieving season on himself and the coaches, he said that the same staff and same team could produce a 2012 winner without making many changes.