Debut a dream fulfilled for Lindsay, his mom

Debut a dream fulfilled for Lindsay, his mom

Debut a dream fulfilled for Lindsay, his mom
DETROIT -- When White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen walked into the room where families of visiting players wait at Comerica Park late Friday night, he saw tears coming from his wife, Ibis.

Guillen knew that his wife wouldn't be that affected by Friday's disappointing 8-1 loss, so immediately thought there was a family problem. Instead, Ibis was moved to tears by the story being told by Kerry Lindsay.

The mother of White Sox reliever Shane Lindsay found out the day before about her son's first callup to the Major Leagues and immediately got on a plane for Detroit. There's nothing out of the ordinary in that situation if she was coming from Chicago, St. Louis or even Las Vegas.

But Kerry Lindsay traveled for 24 hours from Melbourne, Australia, to Detroit, spending $4,000 on a plane ticket, to watch her son make his Major League debut. Lindsay didn't disappoint, throwing a scoreless eighth inning.

Talk about your parental pride. This story so moved Guillen that he sought out White Sox beat writers before Saturday's game to recount what had transpired and how he met Kerry after the setback.

"That's the best thing that happened to the White Sox or the one that made me happier," Guillen said. "That's a great thing when your mom comes all the way to see you and you have the opportunity and have that great thing about your kids. That's one of the best things I've heard in a long time."

When Lindsay's mom arrived at the ballpark on Friday, she couldn't find the ticket left for her and the game was sold out. So, she bought a standing-room-only ticket, and when Shane was warming up before he entered the game, there was his mom waving to him in the stands behind the bullpen. Kerry Lindsay will now be with her son for the next two weeks.

"Fly all over to come see your kid get his dream come true? There is not a better feeling than that," Guillen said. "When you are a parent, that's why you raise your kids, to make sure they get their goals.

"Believe me, I don't get too sensitive about too much stuff, and that one made me forget how bad we played. Right away it made me forget. It was a great thing that happened to us, at least to me. I know a couple of players had a conversation with her. There is nothing better than when your kids have success. That's one of the biggest thrills you can have as a parent."