Peavy balances present goals with eye on '12

Peavy balances present goals with eye on '12

Peavy balances present goals with eye on '12
ANAHEIM -- Jake Peavy opens this weekend's series for the White Sox at Safeco Field, looking to do whatever he possibly can on the mound to move his team closer to the first-place Detroit Tigers.

As Peavy works through the 2011 season, just a little more than one year removed from surgery to reattach his lat muscle, he can't help but take a quick glance toward 2012. And that glance is made with a broad smile.

"That excites me, there's no doubt about it," said Peavy, who will be more than 18 months removed from surgery at the start of Spring Training. "I'm going to find out how good I can be at that point and time. That's exciting for me. There will be no leaf unturned when it comes to this winter and coming back next year to find out what I can or can't do."

Peavy spoke of already adding a full weight room to his offseason residence and added that he is looking forward to having that down time before getting after it, which eluded him this year because of the intense rehab program needed. His ERA or the overall results for this season are not where Peavy wants them, but he points to glimpses of greatness that has him even more upbeat for 2012.

There were eight shutout innings at Target Field on Aug. 3, a shutout thrown against Cleveland on May 18 and his dynamic four-inning relief effort on June 25 against the Nationals. Stamina has been the main issue for Peavy, but he figures that problem will correct itself the further away from surgery he gets.

"I'd like you to find me one guy who came off a major surgery and jumped right back in and was as dominant as when he was a frontline top-of-the-league guy," Peavy said. "I even looked at that when I went through my process to try to put a reality spin on the whole thing.

"That's what excites me about next year. I can't help but look ahead and get excited when you've been through what I've been through, and I can't help but look to the future. At the same time, we are right here and right now and I am what I am right now. We have a chance to make a run and I'll do all I can do to be a part of it."