Beckham's mental error disturbs Ozzie

Beckham's mental error disturbs Ozzie

CHICAGO -- In looking back at Tuesday's 8-7 victory for the White Sox in 14 innings over the Indians, the biggest play might have been second baseman Gordon Beckham's bobble of Shin-Soo Choo's ground ball with one out and runners on first and third in the ninth.

Beckham was ready to try to nail the fleet-footed Ezequiel Carrera at home to keep the tying run from scoring, but his bobble forced him to go to second to get the fielder's choice on Michael Brantley.

Carrera certainly would have beaten even a perfect throw home, possibly leading to a big inning against closer Sergio Santos. Manager Ozzie Guillen was bothered by Beckham's decision, only because he considered it a mental error and not a physical one.

"Mental errors are a no-no," Guillen said. "But when you're not thinking before the ball is hit to you, that's kind of like, 'Wow, what are we thinking here?' I know what he was thinking, 'Slow ground ball, I've got a chance to throw the guy at the plate.'

"But he forgot the guy at third base is the fastest runner they have. It was a little collapse on that particular play. We got lucky enough that he was able to catch the ball back and throw it to second base and keep him off there. It could have been worse. You just have to be prepared a little bit better about that situation."