Konerko eager to return to field action

Konerko eager to return to field action

Konerko eager to return to field action
CHICAGO -- Paul Konerko had hoped his sore left calf/left knee would be in better condition by this point, considering he took a fastball in that area back during a game on July 31. Even with the pain still there, Konerko has hit in 12 straight games as the White Sox designated hitter and helped the team produce an 9-3 record over that stretch.

But don't look for designated hitter to be any sort of permanent spot for the talented White Sox first baseman.

"I want to get in the field as soon as I can, so I'm hoping to take grounders today and take the field tomorrow unless something else happens," Konerko said. "I don't know what to expect when I get out there because I haven't taken a ground ball since that day, two weeks ago, so we'll see what happens, and it's moving forward as far as it feels better than when we were in Baltimore or Minnesota."

The injured area has been looked at from "every angle," according to Konerko, and "it's fine."

Konerkdo said the injury is so deep with the swelling, and is made worse because it surrounds a nerve.

"The more I pound on it, yeah, it hurts, but it gets weak quick, and that's the nerve shutting down, so it's a matter of just calming everything else around it," said Konerko.

"When you have a nerve hit like that, it's an area ... [it's a ] full three-week process, after the first 3-4 days the swelling kind of feels somewhat normal. So we're maybe 12 days into that process. It makes sense in that case. I just want to get back on the field. I'm not a fan of DH-ing."