Williams cautious about expressing optimism

Williams cautious about expressing optimism

Williams cautious about expressing optimism
CHICAGO -- There's little doubt general manager Ken Williams would like to dub this recent 9-2 stretch as a sign of good things to come for his White Sox.

And Williams certainly has the urge to point to the South Siders' push above.500 and label the upward move as a turning point for this underachieving squad.

Here's the only problem: Williams just can't make that statement in good faith.

"I'm not going to tell you something that I don't believe," said Williams, sitting in the White Sox dugout prior to Tuesday's series opener with the Indians. "I don't have a good feel after we sit here after 120 games. And it's just been inconsistent play.

"Again, if we start to click, even just a little bit, we can put together a heck of a run. But the fact of the matter is we haven't, so I can't assume it's going to happen.

"All I can expect is the effort to be there every day and the intensity to be there every day. We've got 42 games left. It's not hard to keep your intensity level up with 42 games. That's what I expect and hopefully we can get on a roll and some guys can get some confidence back maybe that they haven't had thus far."

Williams said his optimism level remains high going into every game.

"I only get surprised at the end of the game where it's, again, we haven't supported our pitching staff," Williams said. "That's my surprise is I keep waiting for it to come, waiting it for it to happen.

"The fact is we are 120 games in and haven't."

Don't look for a veteran presence to be added behind the plate through the waiver wire, providing assistance to Tyler Flowers and Donny Lucy while A.J. Pierzynski is sidelined with a fractured left wrist. In fact, don't look for any addition to a team currently sitting on a franchise-record $127 million payroll and without the corresponding support, according to Williams.

"I've made no secret about it for quite a while that we are limited from a payroll standpoint at this point in time," Williams said. "We haven't earned our fans' patronage enough to put us in that position and that's nobody's fault except our own fault.

"Anything that would come across right now, even if it were appealing from a talent standpoint, we are not in a position to be able to do it. Again, that's our fault. That's nobody's fault, except me, my staff and the people in uniform."