Konerko in the lineup despite pain

Konerko in the lineup despite pain

BALTIMORE -- The continued pain in Paul Konerko's left knee/calf area, caused by a 95-mph fastball from Boston's Andrew Miller on July 31, has Konerko's manager worried.

Ozzie Guillen doesn't want Konerko to lose his .300 average because of wasted at-bats, and he doesn't want Konerko to injure another area by compensating for the current pain. But Konerko wants to hit and has been productive, so Guillen continues to us him as the designated hitter.

"I worry about him because he doesn't want to play that way," Guillen said. "When he run the bases, he feels a little embarrassed. We all know what's going on.

"He says he feels a little bit better, but he's still struggling. He said, 'As long as you are OK with me running the way I run the bases, I'm playing. If you have some problem with me running the bases like that, then take me out of the lineup.' I'm happy with where he is right now."

Konerko finished 1-for-3 in Monday's 7-6 victory over Baltimore, but was thrown out at third in the sixth on Carlos Quentin's double into the left-field corner.