Dunn hits seventh against Orioles

Dunn hits seventh against Orioles

Dunn hits seventh against Orioles
BALTIMORE -- White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen's original plan with Adam Dunn was to give him a couple of days off as a mental-health break. Before even having a chance to talk with Dunn about the plan, Guillen changed his mind and put Dunn at first base and hitting seventh in Monday's lineup.

Dunn finished 1-for-3 with a walk and a run-scoring single in the White Sox 7-6 victory.

"I don't want to take the bat away from him right now," said Guillen of Dunn, who is hitting .166 following Monday's contest. "I put him down [in the order] hoping he will relax a little bit more and won't have the pressure to go out there and do it. It's another thing we'll try to help him a little bit to swing the bat better."

Guillen also spoke over the weekend that this dismal season is a sign for Dunn to change his offseason workout program as he gets a little bit further along in his career. Dunn readily admitted that he didn't swing the bat from the time the 2010 regular season ended until Spring Training.

When asked about Guillen's comments on Monday, Dunn said that he plans to take swings during this upcoming offseason and has moved closer to facilities where he can get in that sort of work. As for showing frustration during Saturday's three-strikeout effort, leading to Guillen's resting of Dunn on Sunday against Twins southpaw Brian Duensing, Dunn isn't trying to hide his feelings of disappointment.

"It's hard not to get frustrated," said Dunn, who had a .294 on-base percentage, .302 slugging percentage and 142 strikeouts. "I've tried to do the best that I could to not show frustration, but sometimes it's pretty hard not to."

Dunn drove in a run with an opposite-field single in the second inning on Monday to contribute to a four-run outburst.