No further movement expected by GM Williams

No further movement expected by GM Williams

No further movement expected by GM Williams
CHICAGO -- General manager Ken Williams delivered a message to the White Sox players while talking to the media prior to Saturday's contest with the Red Sox at U.S. Cellular Field.

Despite an ugly 10-2 loss, it looks as if they can sleep easy Saturday night, as the active roster should be the same come Sunday night, following the 3 p.m. CT non-waiver Trade Deadline, as it is presently constructed.

"Is there a chance that we could have a different look? Absolutely there's a 'chance,'" Williams said. "I would say that chance is very, very slim.

"I don't see anything on the horizon and everything that potentially can be done comes at a sacrifice of the guys that I expect we would need to try to win this division. So, very unlikely."

Trade Include

The likelihood of some major moves made by Williams certainly was a little higher at the beginning of this homestand, before the White Sox ripped off three wins in four games against the Tigers and Red Sox, coming on the heels of two straight wins in Cleveland. In fact, Wednesday's victory over Detroit might have given this talented team a renewed chance in the winnable American League Central.

There have been rumblings that Williams and others in the organization don't have the utmost confidence that this group is capable of winning a World Series title, and that might have been the case just a few days ago. But Williams told on Saturday that the lack of moves made after the Edwin Jackson/Mark Teahen trade with Toronto now would indicate the exact opposite.

"At this point, I don't see doing anything to break up what we currently have, because we think this team can get it done," Williams said. "Otherwise, believe me, if I didn't think we could get it done, there are some things I can do to turn it over. Believe me.

"So, you don't have to believe in the words I say. Look at the actions."