Williams: Questions will be answered in time

Williams: Questions will be answered in time

Williams: Questions will be answered in time
CHICAGO -- In a follow-up to his 11-minute Monday dissertation on the White Sox being at an unknown state trade-wise, general manager Ken Williams was asked before Tuesday's 5-4 loss to Detroit if he had been told by White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf to cut payroll.

That report came on Tuesday from MLB Network's Ken Rosenthal, pointing out that the White Sox went all in with their franchise-record $127 million payroll, but haven't received the same on-field return on the field or in the stands.

Williams chose not to elaborate on Trade Deadline possibilities, offering up this response to MLB.com.

"We should just get to the Trade Deadline and where we are, what we do, what we may do, all these questions will be answered," Williams said. "And let's go from there. We'll see how we do this week."

When asked if there were any untouchables on his roster, Williams smiled and reiterated, "Let's see how we do this week."

The White Sox have seven players who are virtually untradeable as is or without concessions. Mark Buehrle, A.J. Pierzynski and Paul Konerko all have full no-trade clauses, while Adam Dunn, Alex Rios, Jake Peavy and Mark Teahen have significant money and/or years left on their respective contracts.

Edwin Jackson's name has been mentioned frequently because of the White Sox six-man rotation and Jackson becoming a free agent after the 2011 season. Carlos Quentin also is a possibility, with Dayan Viciedo waiting in the wings at Triple-A Charlotte. But Viciedo was out of Tuesday's lineup once again with a sore right thumb, and Quentin is hitting .417 with 11 RBIs since the All-Star break.