White Sox trio content with life 'under the hood'

Chris Getz, Nick Hostetler and Marco Paddy playing key roles in rebuild

White Sox trio content with life 'under the hood'

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Invoke the phrase "White Sox rebuild," and the names of Chris Getz, Nick Hostetler and Marco Paddy don't immediately leap to mind.

They aren't top prospects or players who could bring back top prospects in a trade. But these three men could end up being as important as Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech and Reynaldo Lopez when surveying the entirety of the long-term process.

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Hostetler serves as the team's director of amateur scouting and Paddy runs the international side, meaning they are bringing in the young players. Getz is in his first season as the team's director of player development, meaning those talented players move to his crew to become Major League ready.

"If we are not evaluating and drafting well and Marco isn't signing well and Getzy's staff isn't developing well, then [general manager] Rick [Hahn] is not going to be able to put the pieces around the guys there already or guys that are free agents to sign," Hostetler said. "We've seen how that has gone.

"I don't think we openly discuss it, but we are aware of it. If we don't do our jobs and if our staffs don't do their jobs, then this thing isn't going to work no matter how many trades we make, or how many newly signed players, or whatever it may be."

Deals such as the ones sending Chris Sale to Boston and Adam Eaton to Washington certainly speed up the rebuilding process, but rebuilding teams can't survive on trade returns alone, even if Jose Quintana is in play. Last year's Draft, the first one run by Hostetler, already has put catcher Zack Collins and right-handed pitchers Zack Burdi and Alec Hansen into the mix. Let's not forget outfielders Alex Call, Jameson Fisher and Aaron Schnurbusch as part of that same group.

Top Prospects: Collins, CWS

The more young players infused into the core, the greater the chance that a handful of true elite contributors emerge. The team can replenish from within, even if it means a prospect who once was considered a rotation target now moves to the bullpen, for example.

International signees usually take longer to develop, but development stands as the key. The combination of Getz, Hostetler and Paddy, and their strong staffs under them, leave the White Sox confident they can build toward sustained success.

"A lot of what we have done over the last few years, certainly over the last several months, has been some under-the-hood changes," Hahn said. "Bringing Marco on board to improve ourselves internationally, four years now. The addition of Chris Getz in player development, the promotion of Nick on the amateur side.

"All of that, and adding Ricky [Renteria] and [bullpen coach] Curt Hasler and [third base coach] Nick Capra to his staff. All of that has been a function of trying to get the organization headed in the same direction, in terms of identifying the type of player we want, acquiring the type of player we want, developing them and teaching them to play the game we want to play ultimately in Chicago.

"It's not very sexy," Hahn said. "It's part of an organizational rebuild but a lot of these under-the-hood changes, which take time to manifest themselves at the big league level, are extremely important."

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