Peavy wants White Sox to have tougher attitude

Peavy wants White Sox to have tougher attitude

Peavy wants White Sox to have tougher attitude
CHICAGO -- Jake Peavy wants to be a "dirtbag."

In fact, Peavy would like the entire White Sox roster to follow that "dirtbag" mentality. The right-hander's request has nothing to do with personal hygiene but focuses more on general manager Ken Williams' request earlier this week for this team to be a bit more Chicago tough.

"I agree with Kenny in that we have to have more attitude," Peavy told "We need a little more savvy and scrappiness. I'm saying in everything -- pitching, defense, running bases, every aspect of our game.

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"We have to find a way to play with a little more fire, a little more desire to win. I'm not saying there aren't guys on this team who really want to win. But we need to get it in our blood. When we are at Wrigley Field, we have to flat out want to win more than the Cubs. It's oozing out your pours. It will take a team with the talent like we have over the top."

Anybody who has watched Peavy scream at himself on the mound when he misses location on a pitch or two understands that fire or "dirtbag" mentality is a way of baseball life for him. Peavy also was influenced by veteran outfielder Jim Edmonds, when the two were briefly teammates in 2008 with the Padres.

Edmonds brought with him that win-at-all-costs mentality for years as part of the St. Louis Cardinals.

"Jim said something to me, where the players on those Cardinals teams showed up every day focused on trying to help the team win any way possible," Peavy said. "When you get all the guys to check their ego at the door and you have that attitude with talent, good things can happen.

"The bottom line is we are four games behind a very good Detroit team. We can't lay back. We have to show up every day, and for the next three hours, bust [our butts] and find a way to win. Get that mentality and attitude about us."