Monday MRI to determine Peavy's schedule

Monday MRI to determine Peavy's schedule

CHICAGO -- Credit Jake Peavy for maintaining a sense of humor while dealing with his strained right groin and this latest trip to the disabled list.

Peavy said on Friday that he still hoped to miss just one or two starts and knows he has to make a rehab start for Triple-A Charlotte before returning. It will be Peavy's sixth Minor League start overall, factoring in his comeback from surgery last July to reattach his detached lat muscle, and fourth for the Knights.

"I'll try to have a good one [in Charlotte] and make the Triple-A All-Star team," said Peavy, showing off that humor in the face of adversity. "I begged and begged to get out of the Charlotte trip, but [White Sox general manager] Kenny [Williams] just said there's no way.

"He said, 'I know you won't go the same speed in the bullpen as you will in a game.' He said, 'I want to get you into a game, I want you to have to cover first, I want you to exert the same energy you exert at Charlotte before I activate you.' Kenny's the boss. Just do what you're told, you know?"

Almost all of Peavy's present time, from 2-10 p.m., is spent with White Sox head athletic trainer Herm Schneider working on him. He has thrown a little while sitting in a chair, but hopes to get back on the mound if a Monday MRI shows "the bleeding and stuff has gotten out of there."

"You just don't want to take too much time because your arm gets out of shape and you have to work on building your arm up," Peavy said.