Guillen manages 1,200th game for White Sox

Guillen manages 1,200th game for White Sox

CHICAGO -- While the Oakland A's were switching managers from Bob Geren to Bob Melvin before Thursday's series opener at U.S. Cellular Field, Ozzie Guillen was getting ready to manage his 1,200th game. Guillen quipped how he's a bit heavier and has more gray hair since the day he took over, but he also credited White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, general manager Ken Williams and assistant manager Rick Hahn for giving him consistently good players.

"If they give you bad players, you'll get fired," Guillen said. "Kenny and Jerry and Rick put a good ballclub together, made me compete, that's the only reason you survive. There's no manager with a losing career. They don't last too long.

"The only reason they don't last too long is because the players they have can't compete. I'm pleased how they treat me here. I'm pleased with the players they bring me here."

White Sox captain Paul Konerko has been part of the entire Guillen regime and has enjoyed the experience.

"It's never boring, that's for sure. Everybody knew that the day he got the job," said Konerko, who joins Mark Buehrle as the only players to be with Guillen all eight years. "As far as a player, Ozzie is easy to play for.

"Show up on time and run the bases hard. I've never seen him get on a player for not hitting or not pitching well. If he knows you're busting it out there, he's easy to play for. He's not an older manager. He's close to us [age-wise], so he knows the schedule is tough and he's always looking to give a guy a break or take care of you when you need it. That's what we see. We don't even care about the other stuff."