Thome placed on 15-day disabled list

Thome placed on 15-day disabled list

CHICAGO -- Jim Thome and Scott Podsednik both find themselves in an injury-induced holding pattern, although it appears as if Thome will be ready to take flight on the field sooner than Chicago's leadoff man.

Thome was placed on the 15-day disabled list prior to Sunday's series finale with the Angels, retroactive to April 28, with a muscle strain in his right rib cage. Ryan Sweeney was recalled from Triple-A Charlotte to take Thome's roster spot as the designated hitter deals with the first injury of this nature of his illustrious career.

The remedy for Thome's improved health goes against the credo followed by the affable 36-year-old. Basically, rest, instead of hard work, serves as the best cure-all for his present problem.

"Rest is the main thing," said Thome on Sunday, pointing out that the injury is in a tough spot since it affects his swing. "You can't keep aggravating it, so there's nothing, really, you can do.

"It's frustrating, because I do so much work to try and prevent that, you know. Sometimes you're dealt the hand that you're dealt. You just have to stay positive, move on and do what you have to do to come back."

Before placing Thome on the disabled list, the White Sox toyed with the idea of giving him three or four days to rest and then re-evaluating his condition. But as general manager Ken Williams mentioned on Saturday, the team doesn't want to take any chances in allowing this sort of nagging injury to linger.

According to Thome, the stabbing pain that he felt after reaggravating the injury during a first-inning swing on Friday against Ervin Santana has disappeared, but the soreness still exists.

"I know what I'm dealing with, and we just have to get healthy," Thome said. "[White Sox athletic trainer] Herm [Schneider] is very, very good about what he does.

"That's the unique thing we have, having a guy like him we can trust to go to and get you better. If you follow him, it will work out."

Schneider already has been working with Podsednik since the outfielder was placed on the disabled list with a right adductor strain on April 17. Podsednik said on Sunday that he has been going through side lunges and hip work, but as far as strengthening goes, he's still a few days away.

Podsednik added that a little bit of inflammation remains in the injured area and that it's still pretty tight. But he has seen signs of progress over the past week.

"I've made the most strides over the past three days," Podsednik said. "It's gotten significantly better after the activities. The activity and the stretching and the things we've been doing have pushed that [inflammation] out of there, and that's been a positive.

"It's improved a little bit, day by day. But it's not at the point where we can start pushing on it."

No timetable has been set for Podsednik's return, with the fleet-footed leadoff hitter hoping to move on to some form of hitting next week. With Thome expected back in action in two weeks, Podsednik seemingly will have to bide his time in regard to inactivity a little longer.

"You have to be a man about it and understand what you are dealing with and follow the people who know what they are doing," Thome said. "Just do everything you can to get back as quick as you can."

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