Alexei appears hurt, escapes unharmed

Alexei appears hurt, escapes unharmed

Alexei appears hurt, escapes unharmed
CHICAGO -- One somewhat comical thought went through Ozzie Guillen's mind when Alexei Ramirez appeared to be hit by a Fausto Carmona pitch on the right thumb while squaring around to bunt in the first inning of Thursday's 8-2 victory over Cleveland.

"When I went to the field out there, I thought he was dead," said Guillen with a smile. "He rolled around the plate like someone took the head away on a chicken."

As soon as Carmona's pitch made contact, Ramirez fell to the ground and rolled over three or four times as if he was executing a maneuver out of a stop, drop and roll fire safety video. White Sox athletic trainer Herm Schneider came out to check on him, and Ramirez stayed in the game. He eventually scored on Paul Konerko's two-run, first-inning double and drove home two runs with a double in the second.

Now, the question is whether Ramirez really got hit. The ball certainly made contact with something, but replays show it might have hit off the bat just above his right hand. Ramirez said the pitch got him a little bit.

"At first when it hit me, I was definitely worried because there was pain there," said Ramirez, through translator Jackson Miranda. "But once Herm came out and started squeezing my hand, I felt like there wasn't as much pain. I felt like I was OK."

A more telling answer might have been Guillen starting to laugh when asked about Ramirez's right hand after the game.

"I should call somebody from Hollywood. He's a better actor than shortstop, I guarantee you that," Guillen said. "But, thank God, he was fine."