Pierzynski admired Killebrew's kindness

Pierzynski admired Killebrew's kindness

CHICAGO -- During his decade as part of the Twins organization, A.J. Pierzynski listed Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew as "my favorite guy there that I ever met."

"I got to go on a couple caravans with him. And he was awesome," said Pierzynski of Killebrew, who lost his valiant battle against cancer on Tuesday. "I never heard anyone say a bad word about the man.

"Just for a human being to have the success that he had in his career and to act the way he did was amazing. He treated everyone the same -- with respect."

Pierzynski explained that Killebrew loved the game and loved being around the players. Pierzynski added that Killebrew would get playfully teased because of how long it took him to sign autographs at the various public events.

"But he would sign every one perfect and would talk to every person and would say, 'These people came out, spent their hard-earned money to see me and said hello, so the least I could do is give him my 'A' autograph,'" Pierzynski said. "He preached that to everybody. He was just a pillar. He's going to be missed by everyone."