GM Williams keeping positive attitude

GM Williams keeping positive attitude

GM Williams keeping positive attitude
CHICAGO -- Fans looking for hitting coach Greg Walker or even manager Ozzie Guillen to eventually be made scapegoats for the White Sox slow start will have to wait a while judging by Ken Williams' comments on Monday.

The White Sox general manager told how after just one month's worth of action, he's done talking about pointing the finger of blame at certain individuals.

"There's just simply no reason to continue to address or answer those questions," said a positive-sounding Williams, sitting in the home dugout prior to the series finale with the Orioles. "If it keeps going, it just gives it more and more life.

"A month into the season, it just is what it is. It isn't necessary to point fingers. My message to these guys has been stick together, stay away from the papers and stay away from the radio and the TV. Keep your head down and grind it out. You've got the ability and the talent, the track records, that over the course of time, will prove to get us back in this thing."

Under the ownership of White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf and during the leadership period of Williams and Guillen, the organization has let coaches go only if they weren't doing their job.

And as Williams pointed out, coaching changes don't always provide the desired positive push.

"Not all the time," Williams said. "If I felt like a change would boost everything, I would make a change today with all of [the coaching staff]. When the next slump came, I would bring them all back."