Ozzie returns from suspension

Ozzie returns from suspension

CHICAGO -- Ozzie Guillen returned to the White Sox dugout on Sunday after sitting out a two-game suspension for his conduct during a game at Yankee Stadium last Wednesday, which stemmed from his 26th career ejection and a few Twitter comments that landed him in hot water with Major League Baseball. Was it tough for him to miss those games, which Chicago lost to Baltimore by a combined score of 16-6?

"No, not the way they played," said Guillen. "It's tough to watch."

Guillen reiterated that he agreed with baseball's decision to suspend him and fine him a reported $20,000.

"It was good for baseball, myself and the integrity of the game," said Guillen. "If MLB made any good moves in the last 20 years, it was this one. They don't make many good moves, but they did it this time."

If Guillen seems almost too animated on the field, imagine what he's like in real life. He said he filled some of his free time moving into a new house he recently purchased in the Chicago area.

"I'm happy to be back on the field," said Guillen. "I was moving with my family, and that's a pain in the butt. I regret now moving to Chicago. Why? Because I work in Chicago. Why the hell do I want to move to Chicago, where people are going to ask me stupid questions about 'how bad you guys are.'"