Peavy moving up to Triple-A for next start

Peavy moving up to Triple-A for next start

CHICAGO -- Jake Peavy's next rehab start will take place Wednesday at home for Triple-A Charlotte, with the Knights taking on Durham. Peavy threw 3 2/3 innings and 71 pitches for Double-A Birmingham on Friday in Montgomery, Ala., but remains a ways away from a big league start for the White Sox.

"Three more starts possibly before Jake can even think about being back with his pitch total being where it's at," said White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper of Peavy, who will go somewhere around 80 pitches on Wednesday. "He has come along nicely.

"We knew there might be setbacks, and there were. What I'm hoping now is that there are no more setbacks and it's a continual climb the rest of the year. It will be a shot in the arm to get another quality pitcher on our team."

Peavy was scheduled to be with the team in Chicago at some point on Sunday and will throw a side session under Cooper's guidance on Monday.

"If he's climbing like we are hoping he will climb, to have a climbing Jake Peavy is an exciting thing," Cooper said. "We might have a stronger guy in July, August and September or in the playoffs. That is my long-range hope."