Ozzie wants focus to be on topping Twins in '11

Ozzie wants focus to be on topping Twins in '11

CHICAGO -- The White Sox always have a goal of winning the World Series title, and not just surviving the American League Central. But manager Ozzie Guillen made clear on Saturday that the White Sox have to target figuring out the Twins first, before thinking about the Yankees, Red Sox or Rays.

That theory was supported by Chicago's 5-13 mark against the Twins this season and its dismal 30-40 ledger within the division, entering Saturday's game against the Indians.

"If we're going to compete, we have to build a team to beat Minnesota. I said that in Spring Training, and people thought I was crazy," Guillen said. "There's one thing about baseball, or myself -- maybe the way I am, what I do, the way I talk -- when I say something, people don't really believe it.

"When Minnesota lost [closer Joe] Nathan, I said, 'Don't worry about it. They don't need Nathan. It's a big miss, but they're not going to need him.' I wish people would go back and read what I [said], how they'll be good.

"Last night, I was talking to [bench coach] Joey [Cora], and I said, 'Look at that. [Twins reliever Jesse] Crain gave up six runs against Toronto. We can't even hit a foul ball against him.' That's the way it is.

"[The Twins are] very, very professional guys. They're better than us," Guillen said. "A lot of people say we have to build a team to pass New York and Boston in the past. To get there, you've got to beat Minnesota."