Walker yet to decide if he'll return to coach

Walker yet to decide if he'll return to coach

CHICAGO -- Even with Ozzie Guillen firmly entrenched as manager for the 2011 season, White Sox hitting coach Greg Walker has yet to decide if he will be returning.

"I never make a decision before getting away from baseball," said Walker, who originally spoke about his pending decision a few weeks ago to the Sun-Times, before Guillen's return was made official.

"Ozzie wants me to come back," Walker said. "Our coaching staff and manager are clicking as good as we ever have. Our manager has had a great year. Our coaching staff has fought the fight. We are a very close-knit group. I would miss that very much, but my family comes first."

Walker's present hedging on returning for his eighth full season certainly doesn't mean the White Sox will be shopping for a new hitting coach. As Walker explained, he simply likes to get away at the end of the season, "go out in the woods in Georgia and chill," before making a decision.

That process follows whether Walker has three years on a present deal or one year. He'll certainly run the final call by his family, but Walker pointed out that he also has a baseball family in Chicago to consider.

"This is part of my family, too, so it enters into the equation," said Walker of his love for the White Sox. "I never make any decisions until the season is over. I love this job, I love the players and I love our staff.

"Chicago -- it's my home. But I don't rush into it because I don't have to. I've done other things, so I know I'm capable of doing other things. I still have a great deal of passion for this job. Over the years, we've gotten good at what we do here, and we are getting better every year. So, that's where I'm at."