Confusion surrounds Jenks' status

Confusion surrounds Jenks' status

CHICAGO -- With Bobby Jenks still not ready to come back from the ulnar neuritis causing pain in his right forearm and tingling in his right arm, there's a chance the closer might not make the road trip to Oakland and Anaheim. Those words came from manager Ozzie Guillen on Sunday.

"I don't know exactly when he's going to be ready," Guillen said. "But if you aren't going to pitch, why are you going to go? We don't know yet. We are going to see how we do it with him."

Jenks has not thrown since saving both ends of a doubleheader at Fenway Park on Sept. 4, and Guillen believes if he can't pitch on the upcoming six-game excursion, he won't be ready for the season's final seven games at home. As quickly as he ruled him out, though, Guillen added how Jenks could be throwing in Oakland.

Having earned $7.5 million this past season, Jenks could be a non-tender candidate as a third-year arbitration eligible player. Those facts mean he could have thrown his last inning for the White Sox.

If that theory proves true, Guillen presented fitting kudos to one of the most important players to suit up for the organization in the last decade.

"Every time he's been on the mound, he's been great for us," said Guillen. "We gambled with this kid and it worked pretty good. We win the lottery. This kid was in Double-A and we picked him up and he pitched very well for us. Hopefully we get him back, but that's someone else's department. He was great for the White Sox organization."