Peavy making progress

Peavy making progress

CHICAGO -- The improvement has been noticeable for Jake Peavy in the right posterior shoulder area, where he had a detached latissimus dorsi muscle repaired on July 14.

"We're entering our third week of rehab, and I've almost got full range of motion back," Peavy said. "We haven't started incorporating any weights down below my shoulder, but we're right on the cusp of full range of motion.

"Within the next week, we think we'll have full range of motion back. It's a significant thing because you want to have that full range of motion when you haven't been able to do that."

Peavy still feels a little discomfort due to scar tissue. But he's been working through that problem with a massage therapist and is starting to get his rotator cuff "to fire up again."

"Any time you go through surgery and have a couple of different things, I certainly have some scar tissue in there and they think that's where my discomfort is coming from when we do reach the limit of trying to stretch it back out," Peavy said. "As far as the lat and the muscles surrounding the lat, the doctors have been feeling them on a daily basis and think that everything feels great.

"Once we get past all the rehab, we might have one more MRI just to make sure everything looks good to go with starting big-time weight lifting. Stuff like that probably won't happen before, maybe December."

According to Peavy, throwing isn't planned to resume until around the first of the new year.