Manny move not foregone conclusion

Manny move not foregone conclusion

CHICAGO -- Manny Ramirez was not in the Dodgers' starting lineup Saturday night for a contest in Colorado, sitting out for a third straight game and second straight since the White Sox reportedly were awarded a waiver claim on the outfielder.

That lack of activity might be viewed as the Dodgers' inclination to avoid Ramirez re-injuring a balky right calf from which he just returned after a lengthy stint on the disabled list. Others might look at his spot on the bench and think the Dodgers can win without him and will move the remaining $4.5 million of his salary to Chicago.

In a conversation with the Dodgers media on Friday, though, general manager Ned Colletti didn't indicate a desire to make a move as long as the Dodgers stayed afloat in the National League Wild Card race.

"We need every contributing good player we can have," Colletti said. "My thoughts will be fluid from now until the end. I think we're playing pretty good. I like the intensity, I like the results."

These two teams have until Tuesday to work out a trade. The Dodgers also could let the White Sox have Ramirez or pull him back off waivers and keep him. Ozzie Guillen was asked before Saturday's game if there was anything new to report on Ramirez, and the White Sox manager quickly answered with "not at all."

USA Today reported earlier Saturday how friends of Ramirez said he would not require a one-year extension to waive his no-trade clause. But whatever the result, Guillen seems ready to manage whoever is present in Cleveland.

"If this kid is going to come here, I just need to see his number on and I'll put him in the lineup," said Guillen of Ramirez. "I don't get involved, because you hope and start making lineups in your mind. Like I say, I'm very, very satisfied with this ballclub. If we are going to bring him, I'd take the help. I'm not going to push the front-office people.

"In the meanwhile, I love what we have. I've loved this ballclub since January 26 [at SoxFest]. I never changed my mind, even in April, May, June. We have a good ballclub, fighting together for a long time, and I'm fine where we are."