Beckham taking early struggles as lesson

Beckham taking early struggles as lesson

CHICAGO -- When the 2010 season eventually comes to a close, Gordon Beckham's final statistics will wind up being fairly comparable to the award-winning numbers he produced in his rookie campaign of '09.

Of course, Beckham reached that lofty 2009 level starting in June, as opposed to playing out his first full season this time around.

"It might be a little less, which is pretty stunning when you've played two more months and might have lesser numbers," Beckham said.

Yet, Beckham isn't complaining.

He hit a paltry .216 with three home runs and 22 RBIs before the All-Star break, fanning 53 times in 273 at-bats. Since the start of the second half, Beckham has hit .326 with six home runs and 24 RBIs -- and just 28 strikeouts.

Call that miserable first half a valuable learning experience in what figures to be a long and productive career for the White Sox second baseman.

"That's one thing I've learned this year is it's not a given," Beckham said. "Just because you did so and so last year, it doesn't mean you are going to do that again, plus two months. I guess that was, out of the gate, I figured I would do what I did last year from the get go and it didn't work out.

"Hopefully, next year, there won't be that issue. Considering where I was and the mental side of it, to be where I am now, the season is a positive for me to come out of it like I did and be where I am. That being said, I'm not happy with the way individually I've played overall. I've had a lot of downs and a little bit of an upswing."

Courtesy of a .346 average over his past 40 games, Beckham has raised his average from .205 to .253.

"If I had one bad month, as opposed to three, you have to look at it like that," Beckham said. "It's something I'll learn from. Next year, you go through stuff, you learn from it, move on and take it with a grain of salt.

"You can't always do what you are capable of. So, you work hard enough to try to get to where you are capable."