Ozzie Guillen postgame interview

Ozzie Guillen postgame interview

What was your view of that play? I mean, were you able to see if the ball was caught cleanly or not? And if it was or wasn't, did you see the umpire kind of ring AJ up and end the play?

OZZIE GUILLEN: The only thing I see, I just put my head down to the right and he was running to the base. All of a sudden I see A.J. running and I'm confused, I don't know what's going on. When someone said the ball hit the dirt and then I saw him running and that's it.

Do you feel like you got a couple big breaks tonight, the Washburn throw and that call tonight that finally got you guys over the hump a little bit?

GUILLEN: Well, when the ball bounces your way you have a chance. This is a game about inches and we take advantage of the two inches that helped us today. I always say I'd rather be lucky than be good, and the ball bounces this way and we take advantage of that. I guess you give some credit to Ozuna steal second and this guy get a hit and the best swing we have against Escobar all night, and you've got to give some credit to those guys that did their job. I think we take advantage and I think Buehrle did a tremendous job.

Don't forget what we did, what they did, too. Don't forget what we did to win the game, Buehrle threw a pretty good game, played pretty good defense. I don't want to concentrate on the calls and the bad throws. We executed today and that's the way we played this year, 3-1, 3-2 and I think we get used to that type of baseball game here in Chicago.

Were you considering keeping Buehrle in the game if it went to a 10th inning?

GUILLEN: Not really. We had Jenksie up and I just went by Mark to see how he feels. He told me the last inning that he feels good, and I look at his arm, talked to Cooper about it, and I said "Well, you're throwing the ball well. Just give it another one and see what happens."

Did A.J. explain to you what happened there on that third strike?

GUILLEN: No, not really. He don't have to. I think as soon as the pitch was there he was out and I was back in my office.

Your third spot, but not only the third spot, does it look to you like the guys are pressing, gripping the bat a little too hard?

GUILLEN: Well, we don't have good swings, that's all. You're not here with bad pitching staff. They have good pitching staff. I think they have one of the best bullpens in baseballs, the ones you don't want to play. I think you have to give them credit. When you go to the bullpen and you're going to have a tough time to score some runs.

Did you have a chance to go back and look at the replay yet? Are you going to or is it not any concern?

GUILLEN: I'm not concerned. I'm not concerned about that. That's not my job. I see a couple of my kids look at the replay. I told them get out of my office, I don't want to talk about baseball right now. I don't need the controversy thing. We've got to give the team some credit. They played good baseball.

You talked before about how you respect Mike Scioscia. Even though you won this game do you feel bad for him at all?

GUILLEN: Not really. I feel bad for him because I have respect for the man. I love the man, I think he's one of the greatest player/managers I ever see. It's tough to compete against him but it's fun because you learn a lot of things about baseball. A lot of things Michael does is amazing. I think he respects the game. I think we get along real well, and to me it's an honor to manage against him right now.

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