Garcia plays skid stopper for White Sox

Garcia plays skid stopper for White Sox

ARLINGTON -- Freddy Garcia presented a one-sentence answer when asked about being so successful starting after White Sox losses this season.

"Lucky," Garcia said with a smile. "That's it."

The big right-hander clearly underestimates his value. In nine starts after White Sox setbacks, Garcia has produced a 7-1 record. He didn't get the decision during Friday's 5-3 victory for the White Sox but once again gave the team a chance to come through late.

Ozzie Guillen, Garcia's manager and friend, chalks up part of Garcia's success in these crucial situations to being in the right place at the right time. But even Guillen is a bit surprised by Garcia's eight wins and 11 quality starts overall through the first half.

"Personally, I never thought he would pitch this way, but we knew he could help us if he was healthy," Guillen said of Garcia, who makes his final start before the All-Star break on Wednesday at home against the Angels. "He's pitching well, and for one reason or another, the team is playing better behind him. But the team is playing better because he always keeps the team in the game.

"When that happens, the opportunities are there and hopefully someone can grab them. The way he pitches, he gives us 90 percent of the time a good chance to win. That's all every starter tries to do."