Pierre takes pride in stellar defense

Pierre takes pride in stellar defense

CHICAGO -- Don't confuse Juan Pierre's less-than-overwhelming throwing arm with an inability to play defense. He has not committed an error over 131 chances in left field this season and has turned in a handful of spectacular plays to support the stellar White Sox pitching staff.

Pierre pointed out how this strong defensive showing is nothing new for the leadoff hitter known more for his speed. When he played center field for the Cubs in 2006, Pierre went errorless through 384 chances.

"If you don't watch me every day, you won't notice," said Pierre of his defense. "I always concentrate and take pride in my defense. It was a comment of ours, especially in the National League, where you have to play both sides of the ball."

As for not getting as much attention for his diving catches as he does for his American League-best 27 stolen bases, the unassuming Pierre doesn't seem worried.

"I'm just playing the position," Pierre said. "I never considered myself a bad defensive player."