Floyd back in spotlight against Strasburg

Floyd back in spotlight against Strasburg

PITTSBURGH -- Gavin Floyd isn't fazed by facing Stephen Strasburg, at least not after Sunday night's close call with history at Wrigley Field.

Floyd and Cubs starter Ted Lilly each pitched no-hitters through the sixth inning in the nationally televised contest, with Lilly's no-no lasting until the ninth. So when all eyes and cameras are in Nationals Park with Floyd on the mound Friday, he'll understand the feeling.

"It's just like Wrigley," Floyd said. "An exciting game, good atmosphere and just have fun."

Jake Peavy's right arm soreness shuffled the White Sox rotation after he could not start Thursday against the Pirates, leaving Floyd in the seemingly unenviable position of facing Strasburg, the rookie phenom who has drawn attention with every pitch he's thrown. More often than not, those pitches have been impressive, too, as Strasburg has struck out 22 batters in 11 2/3 innings in his first two starts, both of which were victories.

Manager Ozzie Guillen said the White Sox will stick to the same game plan against Strasburg, though he is as excited as the rest of the Majors with what he's seen from the right-hander.

"It's all been nice," Guillen said. "I think this kid is unique. I think this is something very special. [Are we] excited to face him? No. But I think he's a good pitcher.

"But the excitement back in Washington is great. I think baseball is very excited about this kid to go out and get it done. So are we. We're looking forward to seeing him, looking forward to going to the new park and looking forward to continue playing the way we're playing now."

Floyd, meanwhile, will be focused on the task at hand.

"It's the last thing you need to worry about, is the opposing pitcher," Floyd said. "You're facing their lineup, not the opposing pitcher."