Milestone for Pierzynski coming up

Milestone for Pierzynski coming up

CHICAGO -- Next Monday's off-day for the White Sox, coming on June 14, just might mark an important milestone in A.J. Pierzynski's stellar Major League Baseball career.

"I will just be glad when that day comes because I can stop answering the same question I've been getting every single day," said the White Sox catcher, speaking to Sunday.

Pierzynski has become the topic of interest for the past month on the South Side because the free agent after the 2010 season earns 10-and-5 status on this Monday. Having played at least 10 years in the Majors and at least five straight with the same team gives Pierzynski no-trade veto power, but with the White Sox slipping out of contention and Tyler Flowers waiting at Triple-A Charlotte, Pierzynski could be moved before that week runs off the calendar.

Even with this status, though, Pierzynski said Sunday it wouldn't automatically mean he stays in Chicago for the remainder of the 2010 campaign. If the situation makes sense for both sides, Pierzynski would consider consenting to a trade.

"Obviously, if the White Sox aren't where we want to be and a team has a chance for the playoffs and to win the World Series and they come and say, 'Hey, we need a catcher,' it would be hard to say no to that," Pierzynski said. "How would you go about that? That's something [where] my love for Chicago and this organization would be a deciding factor, but it's hard as a player to say no.

"Look at Jim [Thome] and what he went to last year. You have an opportunity to go somewhere and win, if it's not going to work out here. I hope it works out here, first and foremost. I would like to stay here for a long time."

The ultimate goal for Pierzynski hasn't changed: stay with the White Sox for the remainder of his career, not just this week or for the next four months. But as Pierzynski pointed out, it takes "two to tango" where his desire to stay is concerned.

In the interim, Pierzynski is at the mercy of the team, and focused as always in helping the White Sox win some games.

"Nothing has come up on my end that I've heard about," Pierzynski said. "I don't have any say in that for another week, so we'll see what happens. Hopefully, we will win the next seven in a row and get on a roll and this is all a distant memory.

"Everyone knows how I feel about this place. I would like to stay here. But we haven't had any talks, any discussions, and I don't see any coming any time soon. We'll see what happens, and hope it works out and where I can stay and win here.

"That's not a hard [and fast] day," said Pierzynski, referring back to attaining no-trade veto power meaning the end of him getting moved. "It will just get you guys to quit asking me, and that's the biggest thing."