Jenks could receive one more off-day

Jenks could receive one more off-day

CHICAGO -- White Sox closer Bobby Jenks is available for Tuesday's opener against the Texas Rangers, but he is not likely to pitch.

Prior to the game, Jenks casually said that he was available to pitch, but manager Ozzie Guillen expressed some doubts.

"I don't want to take a risk," Guillen said. "I might give him another off-day. He hasn't pitched in, what, four or five days? He's got to be out there. No matter what the game is, we're going to try to put him in there the quickest we can."

Jenks tweaked his right calf while doing extra conditioning before Friday's game against the Tampa Bay Rays. He has not pitched since.

The tweak is in a different spot than the right calf injury that bothered him in Spring Training and last season.